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Salt Lake City, UT

Red Door Staging Simple living area with stairs Modern looking furniture Modern dining area


Red Door Staging offers special packages for model homes to fit any budget. By allowing us to stage your home, you are able to rent temporary furniture and décor instead of going out and buying it at higher prices! Our expert staff is ready to work with you on your next home, no matter the size or the style!

 •  Furniture

 •  Artwork

 •  Lamps

 •  Tables

 •  Accessories

 •  Potted plants

 •  And more!

"Once staged, the homes sell fast. Sometimes within hours of the home being staged."

- Mike and Kate J.

The best way to help potential customers fall in love is to stage the area so they feel right at home.


We only use furnishings and decor that enhance the natural beauty and style of the home you've created.

Showcase the beauty of your home with our expert designs.

Items for rent include

Set the stage

Many of the area's home building and remodeling companies turn to Sarah and her professional team of decorators because they have the education, training, experience, and passion to turn an empty house into an inviting home.

Passion for excellence