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If you’re ready to put your house up for sale, you’ll have to do more than just clean up the clutter to attract a buyer. A trained stager can help you accomplish the goal of selling your home without major renovations by suggesting simple cosmetic alterations instead. And because we're experts at home staging, you can count on our judgment when it comes to selling your home fast.

•  New paint

•  Home furnishing rearrangement

•  Fresh flowers

•  Cleaning windows

•  New accessories

•  Decluttering

"They are the icing on the cake! What was I thinking before I used them?"

- Ron M., RM Lifestyles

The entire concept of staging a home revolves around creating a space that a potential homebuyer would want to live in.


In order to create that atmosphere, we may suggest some cleaning or small repair projects.

Whatever you setting, we'll fulfill your expectations.

Staging may include

Cleaning and small repairs

Don't have what you need to properly stage your home? We have our own inventory of furniture and décor which gives us the ability to customize your space to fit your needs. Decorative items may include window treatments, wall art, lamps, and paint.

Customizing a space to fit your needs